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golos::application Namespace Reference




class  abstract_plugin
struct  account_api_obj
struct  account_asset_balance
struct  account_history_api_obj
struct  account_recovery_request_api_obj
struct  account_vote
struct  api_access
struct  api_access_info
struct  api_context
struct  api_session_data
class  application
struct  applied_operation
class  asset_api
struct  asset_holders
struct  candle_stick
struct  category_api_obj
struct  category_index
struct  comment_api_object
class  database_api
 The database_api class implements the RPC API for the chain database. More...
class  database_api_impl
struct  discussion
struct  discussion_index
class  discussion_query
 The discussion_query structure implements the RPC API param set. Defines the arguments to a query as a struct so it can be easily extended. More...
struct  extended_account
struct  extended_limit_order
struct  feed_history_api_obj
struct  get_impacted_account_visitor
struct  language_api_obj
class  login_api
 The login_api class implements the bottom layer of the RPC API. More...
struct  market
class  network_broadcast_api
 The network_broadcast_api class allows broadcasting of transactions. More...
class  network_node_api
 The network_node_api class allows maintenance of p2p connections. More...
struct  order_history_item
struct  owner_authority_history_api_obj
class  plugin
struct  savings_withdraw_api_obj
struct  scheduled_hardfork
struct  state
struct  steem_version_info
struct  tag_api_obj
struct  tag_index
struct  vote_state
struct  withdraw_route
struct  witness_api_obj


enum  withdraw_route_type { incoming, outgoing, all }


void find_accounts (std::set< std::string > &accounts, const discussion &d)
boost::multiprecision::uint256_t to256 (const fc::uint128 &t)
template<typename FirstCompare , typename SecondCompare >
std::vector< discussionmerge (std::multimap< tags::tag_object, discussion, FirstCompare > &result1, std::multimap< languages::language_object, discussion, SecondCompare > &result2)
std::vector< discussionmerge (std::vector< discussion > &result1, std::vector< discussion > &result2)
void operation_get_impacted_accounts (const operation &op, flat_set< account_name_type > &result)
void transaction_get_impacted_accounts (const transaction &tx, flat_set< account_name_type > &result)
template<class C , typename... Args>
boost::signals2::scoped_connection connect_signal (boost::signals2::signal< void(Args...)> &sig, C &c, void(C::*f)(Args...))
void operation_get_impacted_accounts (const golos::protocol::operation &op, fc::flat_set< protocol::account_name_type > &result)
void transaction_get_impacted_accounts (const golos::protocol::transaction &tx, fc::flat_set< protocol::account_name_type > &result)
template<typename T >
dejsonify (const string &s)

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ withdraw_route_type


Definition at line 48 of file database_api.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ connect_signal()

template<class C , typename... Args>
boost::signals2::scoped_connection golos::application::connect_signal ( boost::signals2::signal< void(Args...)> &  sig,
C &  c,
void(C::*)(Args...)  f 

Definition at line 132 of file application.hpp.

◆ dejsonify()

template<typename T >
T golos::application::dejsonify ( const string &  s)

Some useful tools for boost::program_options arguments using vectors of JSON strings

Definition at line 119 of file plugin.hpp.

◆ find_accounts()

void golos::application::find_accounts ( std::set< std::string > &  accounts,
const discussion d 

Definition at line 158 of file database_api.cpp.

◆ merge() [1/2]

template<typename FirstCompare , typename SecondCompare >
std::vector<discussion> golos::application::merge ( std::multimap< tags::tag_object, discussion, FirstCompare > &  result1,
std::multimap< languages::language_object, discussion, SecondCompare > &  result2 

Definition at line 1360 of file database_api.cpp.

◆ merge() [2/2]

std::vector<discussion> golos::application::merge ( std::vector< discussion > &  result1,
std::vector< discussion > &  result2 

Definition at line 1835 of file database_api.cpp.

◆ operation_get_impacted_accounts() [1/2]

void golos::application::operation_get_impacted_accounts ( const golos::protocol::operation &  op,
fc::flat_set< protocol::account_name_type > &  result 

◆ operation_get_impacted_accounts() [2/2]

void golos::application::operation_get_impacted_accounts ( const operation &  op,
flat_set< account_name_type > &  result 

Definition at line 290 of file impacted.cpp.

◆ to256()

boost::multiprecision::uint256_t golos::application::to256 ( const fc::uint128 &  t)

Definition at line 1025 of file database_api.cpp.

◆ transaction_get_impacted_accounts() [1/2]

void golos::application::transaction_get_impacted_accounts ( const golos::protocol::transaction &  tx,
fc::flat_set< protocol::account_name_type > &  result 

◆ transaction_get_impacted_accounts() [2/2]

void golos::application::transaction_get_impacted_accounts ( const transaction &  tx,
flat_set< account_name_type > &  result 

Definition at line 295 of file impacted.cpp.