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golos::application::state Struct Reference

#include <state.hpp>

Public Attributes

string current_route
dynamic_global_property_object props
category_index category_idx
tag_index tag_idx
map< string, discussion_indexdiscussion_idx
map< string, category_api_objcategories
map< string, tag_api_objtags
map< string, discussioncontent
map< string, extended_accountaccounts
vector< account_name_type > pow_queue
map< string, witness_api_objwitnesses
witness_schedule_object witness_schedule
price< 0, 17, 0 > feed_price
string error
optional< marketmarket_data

Detailed Description

This struct is designed

Definition at line 160 of file state.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ accounts

map<string, extended_account> golos::application::state::accounts

Definition at line 185 of file state.hpp.

◆ categories

map<string, category_api_obj> golos::application::state::categories

Definition at line 178 of file state.hpp.

◆ category_idx

category_index golos::application::state::category_idx

Tracks the top categories by name, any category in this index will have its full status stored in the categories map.

Definition at line 169 of file state.hpp.

◆ content

map<string, discussion> golos::application::state::content

map from account/slug to full nested discussion

Definition at line 184 of file state.hpp.

◆ current_route

string golos::application::state::current_route

Definition at line 161 of file state.hpp.

◆ discussion_idx

map<string, discussion_index> golos::application::state::discussion_idx

"" is the global discussion index, otherwise the indicies are ranked by category

Definition at line 176 of file state.hpp.

◆ error

string golos::application::state::error

Definition at line 194 of file state.hpp.

◆ feed_price

price<0, 17, 0> golos::application::state::feed_price

Definition at line 193 of file state.hpp.

◆ market_data

optional<market> golos::application::state::market_data

Definition at line 195 of file state.hpp.

◆ pow_queue

vector<account_name_type> golos::application::state::pow_queue

The list of miners who are queued to produce work

Definition at line 190 of file state.hpp.

◆ props

dynamic_global_property_object golos::application::state::props

Definition at line 163 of file state.hpp.

◆ tag_idx

tag_index golos::application::state::tag_idx

Definition at line 171 of file state.hpp.

◆ tags

map<string, tag_api_obj> golos::application::state::tags

Definition at line 179 of file state.hpp.

◆ witness_schedule

witness_schedule_object golos::application::state::witness_schedule

Definition at line 192 of file state.hpp.

◆ witnesses

map<string, witness_api_obj> golos::application::state::witnesses

Definition at line 191 of file state.hpp.

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