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golos::chain::detail Namespace Reference


class  block_log_impl
struct  pending_transactions_restorer
struct  skip_flags_restorer


template<typename Lambda >
void with_skip_flags (database &db, uint32_t skip_flags, Lambda callback)
template<typename Lambda >
void without_pending_transactions (database &db, std::vector< signed_transaction > &&pending_transactions, Lambda callback)

Function Documentation

◆ with_skip_flags()

template<typename Lambda >
void golos::chain::detail::with_skip_flags ( database db,
uint32_t  skip_flags,
Lambda  callback 

Set the skip_flags to the given value, call callback, then reset skip_flags to their previous value after callback is done.

Definition at line 92 of file db_with.hpp.

◆ without_pending_transactions()

template<typename Lambda >
void golos::chain::detail::without_pending_transactions ( database db,
std::vector< signed_transaction > &&  pending_transactions,
Lambda  callback 

Empty pending_transactions, call callback, then reset pending_transactions after callback is done.

Pending transactions which no longer validate will be culled.

Definition at line 110 of file db_with.hpp.