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golos::chain::witness_object Class Reference

#include <witness_object.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for golos::chain::witness_object:

Public Types

enum  witness_schedule_type { top19, timeshare, miner, none }

Public Member Functions

template<typename Constructor , typename Allocator >
 witness_object (Constructor &&c, allocator< Allocator > a)

Public Attributes

id_type id
account_name_type owner
fc::time_point_sec created
shared_string url
uint32_t total_missed = 0
uint64_t last_aslot = 0
uint64_t last_confirmed_block_num = 0
uint64_t pow_worker = 0
public_key_type signing_key
chain_properties< 0, 17, 0 > props
price< 0, 17, 0 > sbd_exchange_rate
fc::time_point_sec last_sbd_exchange_update
share_type votes
witness_schedule_type schedule = none
fc::uint128 virtual_last_update
fc::uint128 virtual_position
fc::uint128 virtual_scheduled_time = fc::uint128::max_value()
digest_type last_work
version running_version
hardfork_version hardfork_version_vote
fc::time_point_sec hardfork_time_vote = STEEMIT_GENESIS_TIME

Detailed Description

All witnesses with at least 1% net positive approval and at least 2 weeks old are able to participate in block production.

Definition at line 26 of file witness_object.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ witness_schedule_type


Definition at line 30 of file witness_object.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ witness_object()

template<typename Constructor , typename Allocator >
golos::chain::witness_object::witness_object ( Constructor &&  c,
allocator< Allocator >  a 

Definition at line 35 of file witness_object.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ created

fc::time_point_sec golos::chain::witness_object::created

Definition at line 44 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ hardfork_time_vote

fc::time_point_sec golos::chain::witness_object::hardfork_time_vote = STEEMIT_GENESIS_TIME

Definition at line 112 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ hardfork_version_vote

hardfork_version golos::chain::witness_object::hardfork_version_vote

Definition at line 111 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ id

id_type golos::chain::witness_object::id

Definition at line 40 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ last_aslot

uint64_t golos::chain::witness_object::last_aslot = 0

Definition at line 47 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ last_confirmed_block_num

uint64_t golos::chain::witness_object::last_confirmed_block_num = 0

Definition at line 48 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ last_sbd_exchange_update

fc::time_point_sec golos::chain::witness_object::last_sbd_exchange_update

Definition at line 65 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ last_work

digest_type golos::chain::witness_object::last_work

Definition at line 104 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ owner

account_name_type golos::chain::witness_object::owner

the account that has authority over this witness

Definition at line 43 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ pow_worker

uint64_t golos::chain::witness_object::pow_worker = 0

Some witnesses have the job because they did a proof of work, this field indicates where they were in the POW order. After each round, the witness with the lowest pow_worker value greater than 0 is removed.

Definition at line 56 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ props

chain_properties<0, 17, 0> golos::chain::witness_object::props

Definition at line 63 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ running_version

version golos::chain::witness_object::running_version

This field represents the Golos blockchain version the witness is running.

Definition at line 109 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ sbd_exchange_rate

price<0, 17, 0> golos::chain::witness_object::sbd_exchange_rate

Definition at line 64 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ schedule

witness_schedule_type golos::chain::witness_object::schedule = none

Definition at line 74 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ signing_key

public_key_type golos::chain::witness_object::signing_key

This is the key used to sign blocks on behalf of this witness

Definition at line 61 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ total_missed

uint32_t golos::chain::witness_object::total_missed = 0

Definition at line 46 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ url

shared_string golos::chain::witness_object::url

Definition at line 45 of file witness_object.hpp.

◆ votes

share_type golos::chain::witness_object::votes

The total votes for this witness. This determines how the witness is ranked for scheduling. The top N witnesses by votes are scheduled every round, every one else takes turns being scheduled proportional to their votes.

Definition at line 73 of file witness_object.hpp.

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